L2 ExtoL

Server Rates:

  • Exp : x4
  • SP : x4
  • Spoil : x4
  • Drop Rate : x4
  • Adena : x4
  • Raid Jewels Drop : x1
  • Manor : x1
  • Fishing : x4

  • Hellbound Level: [Soon]
  • Hellbound Points: x7
  • Vitality Herb: x2
  • Quests:
  • Item Reward : x1-x2
  • Adena Reward : x2
  • XP/ SP Reward : x3
  • Drop : x2

Enchant Rates:

  • Safe : Retail-Like
  • Max : Retail-Like
  • Enchant success Rate : Retail-Like
  • Blessed enchant Rate : Retail-Like

Server Features:

  • Fortresses Retail like.
  • Territory Wars Retail like. (You can make Sub & Noblesse via Territory Manager Tasks!)
  • Epic Quest Seven Signs.
  • Class Master Up to Second class [1st Class 40,000k] [Second Class 600,000k].
  • Kamaloka's Retail like.
  • All Iop instances.
  • Hellbound Retail like (You can type .hellbound to view hellbound lvl stats etc).
  • Retail Like Events: CharacterBirthday, FifthAnniversary, GiftOfVitality, HeavyMedal, MasterOfEnchanting, NewEra, RabbitsToRiches, SavingSanta, TheValentine, TrickTransmutation. This events will start per periods.
  • Disable & Enable Exp Command (.exp).
  • Fisherman LeaderBoards Manager Every 240 Min(s) - Every 240 min(s) announce whoever catches the more fishes. [Revita- Pop Reward]
  • Den of Evil, Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
  • Fields of Silence / Fields of Whispers, Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
  • Stakato nest Area.
  • Forge of The Gods Area.
  • Primeval Isle, HP / Defense of Mobs in the area have decreased and now drop Herbs when killed.
  • Mithril Mines, Mobs in the area have changed from level 20 to level 80+.
  • Crypts of Disgrace, Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
  • Giant's Cave, Mobs in the area have changed from level 65 to level 80+.
  • Weddings-Grand Weddings.
  • Kratei's Cube.
  • And much more, we will not post a huge list with unnecessary (to mention) features like CH working...


  • Offline Trade. Set your private store and Exit Game.
  • Combat Stats & Droplist available via Shift & Click.
  • Spawn Protection.
  • Trade zones at Giran Town, where you can set private store only on predefined areas.
  • Your friend {friendname} has logged out message will appear when a friend log out.
  • And much more.

Server Team:

Do not send your account/password info to GM's your Character name is enough.

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